Hi! I'm Tracy. I like to feed people. 

I have been obsessed with food my whole life. No, really, ask my family. I was always hungry, asking for food. As I got older, I channeled my hunger into drive and passion, and the rest is history.


Food is how I connect with people. I’ve loved being in the kitchen for as long as I remember. Nothing brings me more joy then the laughter over a shared meal, or the smile a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies brings. Food allows us to have a special, shared experience.  


The only thing I love more than food itself, is teaching people about food. Cooking is how I share love, and I want to pay that love forward.


Invite me into your kitchen (I promise, I’ll do the dishes!) and let’s learn to cook together. We can find a recipe to pass onto your children or surprise your partner with for their birthday. Most importantly, let’s connect over food. 


Tracy graduated from University of Central Florida and was trained by Natural Gourmet Institute. She went on to work in the James Beard award winning pastry department of ABC Kitchen, making many ice cream sundaes while filling donuts at Flex Mussels. She later became the Executive Pastry Chef at David Burke Kitchen, being recognized by FSR Magazine as 40 under 40 Rising Stars. Since 2018, Tracy has been teaching as the Lead Recreational Instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education. As our world changed during COVID19, Tracy founded the global baking movement of #BakeItForward and published her first cookbook based off of the stories and recipes. In 2021, she joined BentoBox on their mission to empower restaurants to succeed in their mission of hospitality.  Tracy's favorite things are wine, sprinkles, and the laughter of a shared meal with those she loves the most.